DAV Police Public SENIOR SECONDARY School, Sonipat

Affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi vide No. - 531506

Vision and Mission  



"Enrich young minds with practical education to harness their potential
as well as infuse moral values with the teachings of Arya Samaj."
We envision to create an educational institution which empowers
students to acquire and demonstrate value knowledge that will support
them and make them lifelong learners. Our aim is to be the pre-eminent
intellectual and creative center for effective communication, research
driven technological change and innovative thinking. We want our
students to be equipped with 21st learning skills and enriched with vedic
values and modern scientific skills. They are fostered to inculcate feeling
of empathy and respect towards everyone. DAV Police Public School
aims to be an institution that enables each student to achieve their
potential within a learning environment that is safe, positive, respectful,
inclusive and welcoming.



"A mission to mould the students to be all rounder and strive to achieve
coherence between academic and sports."
The school stands committed to provide quality education through
accepted and tested procedure and process that aim at continuous
improvement. Our mission is to focus on rigorous academic and co-
scholastic programmes that are planned for academic excellence and
whole some growth. We provide a safe, nurturing. supportive and
family like learning environment to foster confidence in the students. We
ensure that integrated and wholesome personalities are developed
through Vedic knowledge culture and co-curricular activities. There is a
stress on English oriented, Science education with a blend of mora'
values and it is ensured that each student achieves optimal academic
excellence with personal potential. Our focus is to convey thoughts and
ideas through a variety of mediums and "learning by doing" that
remote clarity and understanding in the minds of students.

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DAV Police Public Senior Secondary School, Sonipat
Sonipat - 131001
Contact: 0130-2220750
E-mail: davppssonipat@gmail.com

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